Anna Lauverngnac
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A progeè of Jazz Legends Mark Murphy and Sheila Jordan, she has been described by the international press as one of the most expressive voices in today’s jazz scene. She’s been the vocalist of the Vienna Art Orchestra for a decade, she recorded on 10 of the band’s CDs and toured worldwide.

She has been the first singer of the UPJO, performed/recorded among others with: Pete Bernstein, Fritz Pauer, Bojan Z, Marc Buronfosse, Andy Bey, John Di Martino, Alegre Correa, Bumi Fian, Andy Manndorf, Hans Salomon, Willi Resetarits, Till Martin, Julia Hülsmann etc. Her last 3 albums were nominated for the German Critic Prize, which she won with the CD “Coming Back Home”. She’s performing internationally and leading various projects, currently, her PanEuropean quartet (feat, Claus Raible, Giorgos Antoniou, and Steve Brown) a Vienna All-Star Group (feat. Oliver Kent, Hans Strasser, and Dusan Novakov) and a Motown meets Jazz project with Erwin Schmidt, Christian Havel and And Weiss. A passionate, inspired and inspiring teacher, she’s been a lecturer at the Bruckner Konservatorium (Linz) and at the Mozarteum (Innsbruck) gave masterclasses in various European Jazz Universities, and she’s been teaching workshops in jazz singing as well as stage presence and postural awareness in collaboration with several European institutions like Jeunesses Musicales, the Goethe Insititute, Art Culture France “She’s all the expression you need and wants from a beautiful singer” - Mark Murphy « Anna Lauvergnac sings, simply, as one should sing. » Paolo Fresu "She’s a living legend” -Klaus Regnault, Suddeutschezeitung “Her sound gets deep into the soul” - Martin Laurentius, JazzThing In the circle of Jazz critics, Anna Lauvergnac is rightly praised as a great jazz and soul singer” – Johannes Seifert, Augsburger Allgemeine “Anna sings from her heart” Sheila Jordan once said about the long-time singer of the Vienna Art Orchestra. Furthermore, I might add, she also has the ability to touch people’s hearts”- Marcus A. Woelfe, Jazz Zeit